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Welcome to the AllCommerce Developers' Resource Center! This site provides you with information and tools to support you in being part of the AllCommerce Development Community. This site offers access to the AllCommerce source code, along with development resources and documentation.

Our Products
Our core product is AllCommerce, an ecommerce and fulfillment system. This application provides a Web-based administrator to access inventory and order information. Modules include content, order, inventory and promotions. It's written in Perl and supports MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle.

What's next?
The next version of AllCommerce being built is 1.4. This version will include the modules for handling purchase orders, receiving, pull forwards, picking, shipping, problem orders and customer service. Check the status box to find out more on this version.

How expensive?
AllCommerce is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which means you are free to use and modify.

What can I do?
Download a copy of AllCommerce, install it, learn it and modify it. To help get you up to speed, we have created our user guides pdf, read them over. Make suggestions for features or modifications. Report bugs if you think you've found one.

If you program in Perl,
and know an SQL database engine well, or speak more than one language, get involved; we need people like you.

AllCommerce 1.2.3 new is available! Download the code!

What's new?
04.01.2001 - AllCommerce moves project to
03.14.2001 - AllCommerce 1.2.3 is available for download.

Development Status
-1.2.4 Coming soon.
-1.4.0 Dev Outline due.
Development version: 1.4
Development Status

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Community Developers
DevnameReal Name
LeeLee Herron
CyeoChris Yeo
HolgerHolger Schäkel

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Community Projects
 Project Complete 
1. Relpath 65%
2. Localization 55%
3. 25%

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